Thursday, October 2, 2008

Uuuuuuuuuuug,thats all I can say.

Hi everyone,

Good moring to you all.I hope you all is having a good day.I am hanging in there.First of all,I am still having trouble accessing all of the Blogs,I dont know what I am doing worng.Joye,when you sent me the invite,I try putting in my password to connect to it,but it wouldnt let me through,it said worng password.When I added you all to my Blog,I still couldnt conntect to the blogs.This is so cofusing.So if you all could tell me what I am doing worng or how to do it the right way,Iw ould be most thanlful.This is my 2 trying to add a new post.Lets see if it went through.Is everyone on Blogspot?I am sure I will get the hang of it,but I would really like to read everyones Blog,but still dont know how to go about it.I guess it will take some time,which I am sure it will with everyone.Anyways,that is enough about that.My back and my legs are still bothering me some,even my neck,I dont know why.I woke up feeling sore,so I am just going to take it easy today.I am freezing.I guess Summer is over.LOL.Yes,I know,its over.Today would be a good day for a GriilChees Sandwhich and Tamot soup.I think I will have some.My Dad just asked me if I had my little plug in heater,I think its down stairs,should have it on.We have an oil guy who comes and puts oil to heat our house up,He hasnt came yet.I hope He comes soon.Anyways,I am going to get off of here and get some things done and put my house shooses on.Be safe and warm out there.Peaceout.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am getting the hang of it,getting there.

Hi all,

I hope you all are having a good evening.Thank you all for the help on getting here,which I am still trying to learn how to do.LOL.I know,its kinda frustating but,its not all that bad.I am sure we will all miss our old Journals.But this is kinda kewl to.I think.LOL.Let me just tell you,like I have said before,still trying to figure this all out,arent we all doing that?Belive me,I saw that I added some followers,but,I dont know how to do it again.LOL.I will get there.Which I know we all will get there.I kinda liike my new color,its not as dark as the ones I would pick from J-land.And you can actullay see my writting.LOL.I like that.Anyways,last night I think I eat to much Kfc among other stuff,I dont want anymore food for a life time.LOL.Well,I think maybe I will have a late dinner tonight,I know that isnt good,is it?I have to ask you all,what is a good skin cream for getting rid of pimples?I have broken out big time and I dont like it,you can see them on my face.Ack.I out achol on my face,I will do that again before I go to bed and when I wake up,if I shouldnt do that?Is that bad for your face?I have also been kinda,dont know the word for it,havent been feeling like much cleaning my room,its not bad,but,just dont want to do deal with it.Maybe I shouldnt have mentioned that.But,like I said,it isnt to bad.Guess what,I also have finally learned how to do Latch Hook,its not that hard once you think about it.But you cant find the yarn unless you buy another Latch Hook,which I bought today.I dont think the one I am doing will look very god when I am done.Anyways,I think thats about it.I hope you all have a nice evening.It sure is getting cold out,I kinda like that to.LOL.Peaceout.

Lets just saymI have no idea what I am doing

Hi all,

Good moring to you all,I hope you all is having a good day.Let me just say,that I know how frustating it is for everyone having to change there new out look.I dont like it at all and I know you all dont like it.But its good to know there is something out there for us to use.If you all know what I mea.Anyways,I have no clue what I am doing,even if this will all work.I still dont know how to save my old Journal.Its all so very confusing.I hope to get use to it all.Onto other news in my life,not much going on,however last night my back started hurting me really bad and I had a not so good night,which my legs stated to hurt also.I never had that feeling before.I am still kinda sore this moring,hoping it will go away.I dont even feel like getting dressed and going out,kinda feel like saying in bed all day.But I am going out with my Boyfriend.I need to go to the craft stoor,and let me just say,I finally know how to do Latch hook,this will be my first one.I hope it will look good when I am done.Anyways,I will close for now,but will be bacl later to see how this all goes.I hope you all have a nice day.Maybe it will be neat to see new readers and my J-laners of course.See you here.Peaceout.